Actor’s Work Ethic – Charlie Sandlan

You have to be held to a standard. And you have it understand what that standard is. That requires an incredible amount of hard work and dedication to yourself to master yourself vocally, physically and emotionally. You need to surround yourself with teachers, good teachers who are going to carve out a rigorous path for you.

If you can do that, if you can understand that if you want to be acting into your 60s and 70s, if you want a life that is rich and full of complicated parts that are filled with the beauty of acting truly, then you need to instill in yourself a work ethic. You need to instill in yourself a craft, and you need to possess artistry, which means you care about the details, you care about how you work, and you respect yourself as an artist.

For more information about the two year acting program and Meisner training that the studio provides for serious actors, contact the studio directly by calling 917-789-1599.

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