Gigi Rippolone: Two Year Acting Program Interview

The two year acting program at the Maggie Flanigan Studio prepares actors for a long professional career. In this video interview, Gigi discusses how the two year acting program has changed her as an actor and as a person.

What did you think acting training was before you started studying at the Maggie Flanigan Studio?

Before I started the program at Maggie Flanigan Studio, I had no idea what I was in for. I never would have thought that I would be the person that I am or where I am now. I thought I had read some books, taken classes and workshops and thought that was what you have to do to be an actor.

I quickly learned through our acting class and also the other classes offered in the program, like voice and movement, how to view your body as an instrument. This taught me what that means and how to create behavior with it. I learned what acting is and how much you have to train physically and mentally to really do that well. This means creating an experience not only for yourself but also for the audience to go along that journey and experience it with you.

Two Year Acting Program | Gigi Rippolone | 917-789-1599

Two Year Acting Program | Gigi Rippolone | 917-789-1599

What happened during the two years that changed your perspective on training and acting?

Through the work very quickly I learned that I was so indifferent about things I learned, that I had to have a point of view. I learned confidence and opening that and how to bring that into my work which is something I think over the years. Before this program I was always trying to be what other people wanted me to be rather than figuring out who I am and being who I am. I know now what makes me unique and have had to face a lot of fears that I did not know were there. I was able to lean into them through the support of my class mates and the teachers here. It was amazing to have the breakthroughs and experiences that have had in this program. I never would have had them if I would not have enrolled.

What did you learn about yourself that was a surprise?

I learned how to be vulnerable and how many sides of my temperament that I have and how many experiences I can have and how vivid my imagination can be and how creative O am that I definitely forgot because it had not been used in years and being ablate recreate that and have a piece of work you are so proud of and to have an experience that you are proud of when you are performing and know that I will always have this foundation now is priceless, it is the best gift that the best surpass that I could overachieved living in new york taking this program.

How do you feel now that you have graduated and you are starting your professional career?

I feel it is emotional. These people are my family. It is amending and it is change. It is also exciting. I know that I am ready. I know that. I will always have my support of the teachers here. MY friends here will be my family for life. I am so excited to bring this work into the world and also see what everyone else that I have tried with how they also bring that into the world and change it for the better which I think that this work does.

Apply Now for Admission to the Two Year Acting Program

To learn more about the two year acting program at the Maggie Flanigan Studio and how you can apply for admission, call the studio directly at 917-789-1599.

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