two year acting program nail 01

I believe I have recently made two of the most important decisions in my life. The first being to take the time to train as an actor, and the second to do so at the Maggie Flanigan Studio.

As a recent graduate, I feel that I am very well equipped to start working as an actor. The two-year program has helped me acquire fundamental technique without which it would be impossible to create meaningful work. I spent the first year of training developing the fundamental building blocks of acting like how to be actively listening, crafting an acting relationship, and living truthfully under imaginary circumstances. This has allowed me to explore and deepen the different parts of my emotional life. Moreover, second year was entirely dedicated to breaking down a script and developing character. This work has given me the opportunity to be constantly challenged by working on complicated material, which taught me how to capture the essence of character and essentially step into someone else’s shoes.

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