Liked on YouTube: Master Class Alumni Lisa Lamattina | Best Master Class for Actors | Call 917-789-1599

Master Class Alumni Lisa Lamattina | Best Master Class for Actors | Call 917-789-1599
Master Class Alumni Lisa Lamattina – Call 917-789-1599
The Best Master Class for Actors – Maggie Flanigan Studio

In this video Lisa Lamattina discusses why she came back to the studio for the masterclass after she started to work professionally. Master Class at the Maggie Flanigan Studio is a ten week advanced scene study class taught by Maggie Flanigan.

Why Did You decide To Take Master Class with Maggie Flanigan?

It had been three years since I had finished my two-year program with Maggie and it was really good timing because I was also pretty frustrated and starting to doubt myself a little more after being on lots of auditions. I would go into a studio or into a casting directors office all excited and I would not get the call back. That is the first time they met me and then I go in and they call me again. Great. Then I would get the call back and then I wouldn’t hear anything for months. I would always think I could have done something better. I could have approached it differently. So I was getting a little bit nervous that I was starting to develop bad habits perhaps. I was starting to forget my technique because when you’re out there and you’re a new actor you are being handed two pages, three pages, you sometimes never see the script at all. As a student I was diving into plays that were complicated.

How Important Was It That The Class Was Small In Size?

It is tremendously important that the class is small. The reason I chose the studio for my two-year conservatory program was because it was small and it was intimate. I felt like Maggie really saw me as a person, as an artist. I felt like the smaller the class the more I get to work and the more time the teacher actually sees my work honestly and clearly. We all learn when we watch other people work. I totally agree and it’s amazing to watch that. I have seen people do such beautiful things in my classes but you know we are actors. We want to get up there and we want to get in there and to do scenes that are different than what we have done in the past. The smaller the class the more time you’ll get working.

What Was It Like To Work So Closely with Maggie In Class?

Maggie is the best. I had her for two years in the program and it changed the way I look at everything. I love how high a standard she has for everyone, yet everyone is approached differently. It’s like a magician or something. She is able to teach the exact same technique to people who are so vastly different, whether they’re from a different country or 25 years difference in age. Some are coming back after being a working actor for 10 years and she speaks to them all so personally. I haven’t seen very many people do that since I left the studio.

What Did You Find Difficult About The Class?

The hardest part about the class was that I was a little intimidated by the other students in the class because there were some really good working actors in the class. These are people who I see and appreciate their work and have worked with people i hope to work with one day, it was a classroom full of those people.

When I was a student here we were all students all starting in one place and now I really had to be careful and remind myself to let that go and just do my best work. Also it’s always important for me to go slowly and be patient and kind with myself because I knew I was doing work, really deep work that I had not done in awhile.

How Did the Class Get You Back On Course with Your Career?

After taking the class I felt so excited. I felt rejuvenated. I felt like I had superpowers. I was eager again. I wasn’t as nervous. I felt like I got this technique, this muscle memory. It’s in me to the right way to break down the script the right way, to look at the character the right way, and the right questions to ask myself. I was just doing that naturally and that was so reassuring. That freed me up to try new things and take risks. I actually even started doing twice a month play reading group with some other friends because I had realized how much I missed these plays, these amazing beautiful stories. So it just rejuvenated me. I think that I booked better. I walk into rooms better. I did four independent films one right after another after I left. I think I was just excited for the work and it was infectious.

To register for the masterclass with Maggie Flanigan or to learn more about the professional training that the studio provides call 917-789-1599.

Maggie Flanigan Studio
153 W 27th St #803
New York, New York 10001

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