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Acting Master Class with Maggie Flanigan | Master Class Structure Acting Master Class with Maggie Flanigan – Call 917-789-1599 The Leading Master Class for Trained Actors

Maggie Flanigan teaches the Master Class for Actors at the Maggie Flanigan Studio. In this video Maggie discusses the commitment and dedication that she expects from her students.

I expect the students that take the class to have a real commitment to themselves as artists, that they are serious and that they’re willing to play full out with themselves. I’m not a teacher for everyone. I don’t want this class to to be with students just come in here and do not rehearse, do not work for the process and have no homework. I am not interested in that and they will not last long in the class.

I am interested in people who really want to solve a problem and commit themselves to the artist in in them and willing to play full out with themselves. Then this class will be a good experience.

What is the Structure of the Master Class?

The Master Class is 10 weeks, once a week for four hours. You work every class and you must rehearse at least twice a week so that when you come to the next week you really have a substantial amount of work to bring in and offer to your partner.

You will probably do two scenes. If for some reason your partner is missing because of work or is going to be late, bring in a monologue. So you can work on monologues. With the scenes, you can begin to look at material now.

What part would you like the work on?
What playwright would you like to work on?

You can work on something that you would love to do that you’re not ready for yet, but it has to be within your can, something you’d love to do dramatic or comedic that you’ve never done one, one or the other. You are willing to fall on your face because that’s when really wonderful something wonderful happens.

Wonderful things happen with your ability to take chances.

To register for the Master Class or to find out about additional acting class and professional training programs at the studio, visit the studio website or call 917-789-1599.

Maggie Flanigan Studio
153 W 27th St #803
New York, New York 10001
(917) 789-1599

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