meisner summer intensive stephanie 02

Meisner Summer Intensive 2017 Maggie Flanigan (917) 789-1599

When it comes to class and when it comes to the way that he works with every individual actor in class, you could tell that he is very attentive and so intuitive when it comes to everyone’s journey and development. It doesn’t matter what stage you are, whether you’ve done a lot of work or you’re just starting off brand new, he understands how you need to work. And he’s not going to give you the answers, no, but he is going to be with you there throughout the entire journey. and that was so reassuring for me, because it made me feel like this studio is really a home for me and I can take risks, I can fail horribly and I know that I’ll be able to pick myself back up and continue learning.

Maggie Flanigan Studio
153 W 27th St #803
New York, New York 10001
+1 917-789-1599

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