Voice and Speech Class – Voice Class 04

Raife Baker teaches Voice and Speech classes for actors at the Maggie Flanigan Studio in New York City. These are images of Raife in class discussing the importance of the Meisner technique and dialects.

We all have a dialect, and therefore every character an actor plays ALSO has a dialect. It might not always be as specific as “Liverpool,” or “Latvia,” but making specific, consistent, playable decisions about language, vocal placement, and inflection can take an actor one crucial step closer to fully embodying a character. Familiarizing oneself with different vowel and consonant choices is just another way of empowering an actor. It is also a first step toward becoming versatile and adaptable: ready to tackle any new regional dialect that is required!

Maggie Flanigan Studio
153 W 27th St #803
New York, New York 10001
+1 917-789-1599

via Flickr http://flic.kr/p/UR1q5L

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