Liked on YouTube: Acting Classes NYC – Maggie Flanigan Studio – Call 917-789-1599

Acting Classes NYC – Maggie Flanigan Studio – Call 917-789-1599
Acting classes NYC –
NYC Acting Classes for Serious Actors – Call 917-789-1599

Maggie Flanigan offer acting classes in NYC for serious actors. In this video students reflect on the experience of taking classes at the studio and their relationship with the instructors.

What’s it like to study at the studio?

Amazing. It’s nothing I’ve ever experienced in an acting conservatory.
It’s been a journey of learning myself and not being able to go any further in life until I know how I feel about something.
It’s life changing. The first entire year is about finding yourself.
Everyone is so supportive. It’s like the most close-knit group I’ve ever had. It’s like in a family pretty much and you learn so much about everyone. I would say for me, just everyone individually gets attention too, that’s what I really liked about it, it’s really small.
Exactly yes.
I think that the faculties, it’s amazing how much each member really cares about what they do and it’s obvious within every class.
You know you’re getting the attention that you need.
Yes, there’s no moment throughout the entire process that I felt alone or that there’s no one I can turn to. There was always someone there that I could ask a question or just at least have a friendly face there.

Describe your first activity.

[laughs] Embarrassing.
Shameful but now it’s amazing. It’s like second nature, almost.
To think back to the first activity seems like light years ago.
It makes you feel like you were in kindergarten, like it was pretty treacherous.
It was terrifying. [laughs]
It was terrifying and you are like, “Wow I really didn’t get it then, but now I can get it.”
Because it was so terrifying, because it was so scary, so nerve-wracking that’s where we learned.
Yes, that’s part of the process.
That’s how we grew.
You don’t grow unless you fail and so we failed a lot the beginning.

For More information about the studio you can visit the studio website or go here:

Maggie Flanigan Studio
153 W 27th St #803
New York, New York 10001
(917) 789-1599

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