two year acting program acting conservatory nyc rebecca knox

The Maggie Flanigan Studio is a Two Year Acting Program and Acting Conservatory in New York City. Rebecca Knox, an actor in the two year acting program discusses in this video the reason why she decided to train at this acting studio and how her acting has changed during the first year of professional actor training.…

I’ve studied at several other studios in New York City. Because of the lack of structure in all of these other studios, the “unenthusiasm”, the teachers aren’t as passionate about the work. The standard of perfection just wasn’t really there. It wasn’t as exciting. I didn’t really fully understand what I was learning. I always felt there was something missing. Then I came here. The people here care about the work. I’ve never seen so much love for the craft. You are expected to work and work hard. You have to meet with your partner in between every class. You have to know what you’re coming into class with and be prepared and have an understanding of the work.

We were starting to learn how to walk like babies. We started from these really vague exercises to this really detailed exercises now. The work has evolved. It’s completely changed my view on what good acting means. If you want to be a good actor and you want to have truthful acting, you have to have a standard of perfection. You have to hold yourself to a certain standard. There has to be detail. If you don’t have those things, then there will be holes in your crafting. Crafting is the most important thing.

I look back at work I’ve done in the past before I was here. It just seems so much– My acting was vague. It wasn’t as specific as it is now. After studying with Charlie, in my first three months, I booked my first guest star role. That was so exciting. It’s because I was responding truthfully in the audition. Charlie is harsh. He’s difficult but he’s also so incredibly caring. He’s the most passionate, knowledgeable teacher I’ve ever met. I have never loved and respected acting more. Now, I have this group of people. We’re all in this together. We’re all so supportive. We’re all so different. None of us are competitive. We understand the struggle. We’ve seen it all in class. I love them. It’s wonderful to work in such a small environment with such great people.

Make the time. Because it will completely change your acting. It will take it to a different level. It’s vital, even if you do, maybe, miss a couple opportunities. The work you learn here will open so many more doors just because you’ll get so much more. With your acting, it’s going to grow. It’s necessary.

Maggie Flanigan Studio
153 W 27th St #803
New York, New York 10001
+1 917-789-1599

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